ShellacⓇ / CNDⓇ certified salon

Your hands will be placed into a relaxing hand bath to cleanse and soften your nails. Next, your nails will be filed into shape and your cuticles will be gently removed. Your nails will then be poished(Vinylux) and finished with a Solar OilⓇ treatment and a nice CNDⓇ hand cream.

Luxury pedicure
Indulge in complete relaxation and have a seat in our state of the art massage chair. Your feet will be placed into a relaxing foot bath to cleanse and soften your nails.  Next, your toenails will be filed into shape and your cuticles and callouses will be gently removed. The treatment will conclude with foot massage cream and Solar Oil treatment.
ShellacⓇ / CND
If you would like to keep the manicure/pedicure finish longer, you can choose to have shellacⓇ / CNDⓇ. We use the original and no cheaper substitutes.
Nail extensions (Acrylic/ Gel)
Whether you are struggling with frayed nails, nails that break easily, or perhaps just want long beautiful nails for a special occasion, or a sophisticated everyday look, artificial nails may be the perfect solution for you. A consequence of artificial nails is both longer and stronger nails. We will extend your nails with acrylic and gel in order to achieve your ideal length and desired nail shape.
Eyelash extensions
If you want naturally beautiful and full lashes, eyelash extensionis are for you. We create beautiful lashes with Faux mink high- quality synthetic lashes. Our skilled tilting techniques will guide you through which length and shape will best suit you.
Color your lashes and eyebrows with a mild and durable color from Refectocil, The largest line of products for professional lash and eyebrow coloring.


Sugaring Wax
At Mayo Nail studio, we use 100% natural wax that contains exclusively sugar, water and a little lemon. After your treatment, your skin will be silky smooth and selicious, We highly recommend that clients scrub their skin prior treatment to avoid ingrown hairs. By scrubbing the skin, one raises the hairs and facilitates their easy removal, decreasing the treatment time and generating better results.  
if your hair is 4cm or longer, we recommend that you trim the hair before your treatment in order to minimise discomfort and to prevent hair breakage.
Note! Brazilian wax is for women only.